An official announcement resolves the controversy over the accession of “Mansour Al-Handaq” to the Houthis


The Sanaa Resistance Media Center revealed the fact that Mansour Al-Haq, a prominent parliamentarian and leader in the Islah party, joined the Houthis.

The center said, in a brief statement, that “the head of the Supreme Council for the Resistance of Sanaa, Sheikh Mansour Al-Hanaq, renews the warning against accounts that impersonate his name and described him on social media, and confirms that he does not have any account on those platforms.”

And the media had circulated a tweet from a fake account on Twitter, attributed to the leader of the Islah party, Mansour Al-Hanaq, claiming his support for the Houthi militias and his apology to them for his history of resistance to their ideology since before the coup in 2014.

Al-Handaq is a leader in the Islah party, a member of Parliament, and a prominent tribal sheikh from the Arhab district. He has a previous history with his tribe in resisting the Houthi militia for years, before it was able to overthrow and enter the capital, Sanaa, in September 2014, and officially announce its coup.

From time to time, fake accounts circulate statements attributed to resentment, claiming support for the Houthi militia, while the reformist leader denies having any accounts on social media.

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