An official decision to raise gasoline prices in Aden… and reveal the new price


Media sources revealed a new change in fuel prices in the city of Aden, based on an undeclared decision by the oil company.

The sources said that the Yemeni Oil Company in Aden set the price of one liter of petroleum at 890 riyals.

Based on the decision, the price of a 20-liter can of petroleum will become 17,800 riyals at the company’s stations.

No official announcement has yet been issued that reveals the truth of the new pricing, but media sources confirmed that the cause of the crisis that Aden witnessed a few days ago was the result of a dispute over pricing.

The city of Aden is witnessing a stifling fuel crisis, as the price of 20 liters of oil has reached more than 20 thousand riyals during the past days.

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