An unfamiliar crime that continues for 10 years against an absolute… What happened to her?!


In a case described by the Kuwaiti “Al-Jarida” as unusual, the criminal court ordered the imprisonment of 4 persons belonging to a family whose divorced daughter was kept in a cell-like room in a basement for 9 years.

The court took custody of four people, 3 brothers of the divorced woman and her ex-husband, while it ordered the release of the three sisters of the victim on a bail of 20 thousand dinars for each of them.

The Kuwaiti Criminal Court also decided, in a session headed by Counsellor Abdullah Al-Othman, to postpone consideration of the case until Thursday, October 14, in order to “photocopy and review the case’s papers.”

Al-Anbaa newspaper reported that the victim had informed a maid who frequented her that she was being detained by her family because of disputes between them, noting that they “put her in a cell-like room in the basement of the family’s home in one of the Farwaniya governorate areas”, and asked her to report her tragedy.

The maid quickly informed one of the lawyers of the incident, and she submitted a report in this regard to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, and immediately the Public Prosecution commissioned the Ministry of Interior to investigate.

After confirming the incident, the prosecution obtained permission to raid the house and liberate the girl, and her brothers and sisters were arrested, and a criminal case was filed against them. The Public Prosecution also worked to coordinate with the competent authorities to provide housing for the victim.

And the Kuwaiti “Al-Jarida” had reported last May that the victim was married “to a man about 15 years older than her, and she refused to live with him after she gave birth to a child from him, and she returned to her parents’ residence at that time.”

It was reported that the woman’s family insisted on her returning to her husband, so she “escaped to the residence of one of her friends, and after 3 months she was found, and she was returned to her father’s house, who kept her in that room, and prevented her from going out 9 years ago.”

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