An urgent message from a conference parliamentarian to “Tariq Saleh” regarding the withdrawal from Hodeidah


A prominent parliamentarian in the Congress Party, Brigadier Tariq Saleh, demanded that he appear in the media and reveal the reasons for the sudden withdrawal from Hodeidah.

Commenting on the withdrawal of the joint forces from Hodeidah, parliamentarian Muhammad Muqbil al-Hamiri, head of the Taiz Notables bloc, asked: “Are the withdrawals in Hodeidah a repositioning or handing over to the Houthis? An important question that needs an urgent and courageous answer from the dean himself, not from anyone else!

Al-Humairi indicated, in the message he posted on his personal account on the social networking site, Facebook, that “what is happening in Hodeidah needs clarification and clarity.

He stressed that “what is happening in Hodeidah is a terrible matter that needs Brigadier Tariq himself to show to the public opinion what is going on, not to tell us what is going on and say withdrawing for tens of kilometers and replacing the Houthi militias with the place of these forces is nothing but a positioning of the forces, this is arrogance of minds and betrayal of nations unless It was clear and clear.”

The parliamentarian Al-Humairi concluded his message by saying: “We pledge to God that we are with those who stand with our homeland. We are not with Zaid or Amr, but we are with something called Yemen. And whoever stands with him, we are with him, and whoever fails him, we will curse him, condemn him and expose him in public (…).”

Earlier, Al-Humairi called on Tariq Saleh to move his forces, translate his actions into words, and turn the page on past political differences, stressing that the dispute with Al-Houthi is an existential one.

The parliamentarian revealed two previous messages from the legitimate authorities in Taiz calling on Tariq Saleh to move his forces towards the Maqbna district.. He pointed out that the Stockholm Agreement came under international and regional pressures on legitimacy, and that the Houthi militia only committed to what suited its interests from it.

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