Announcement of a training course “Skills for Choosing a Second Wife” raises controversy in Saudi Arabia .. and a sudden decision by those responsible for it


An announcement about a training course to introduce the best way to marry a second wife sparked widespread controversy in Saudi Arabia, which led to the cancellation of the course to be held at the Al-Bir Association headquarters in Al-Rass under the title “Skills for Choosing a Second Wife.”

For his part, the director of the Al-Birr Association in Al-Rass, Fahd Al-Sardah, said that there was an administrative error by a new employee that caused the course, and the entire course was canceled and deleted from social networking sites.

Reactions varied between supporters and opponents of the idea of ​​the course, as the number of opponents was large, as Abu Fahd said: “We were waiting for courses on how to obtain a job or a high academic degree such as a master’s or doctorate, but we were surprised by the provocative title of this course,” according to the newspaper “Al-Watan.” Saudi Arabia.

Abdullah considered that polygamy is a legitimate matter and has conditions, the most important of which is justice and the financial ability to open two homes, noting: “I do not think that this matter requires any kind of training courses,” while Sarah described the announcement as provocative for women and men, explaining: “It would have been more useful to organize the course on How the couple helps to build a bright future for the family.

On the other hand, Abu Ibrahim expressed his astonishment at the cancellation of the session, indicating that he does not see anything provocative in it as long as it does not violate Sharia and as long as the person who is about to marry a second wife will not take this step unless he is financially able.

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