Announcement to the forces of the giants regarding what happened today on the West Coast


20 Houthis were killed, and others were wounded, in battles today, Monday, in Hays district, south of Hodeidah governorate.

The media center of the Giants Forces quoted a military source as saying: The artillery of the joint forces directed focused strikes on Houthi reinforcements and movements north of the center of the city of Hays, which inflicted heavy losses on the militias.

The source confirmed that dozens of Houthis were killed and wounded, and military vehicles and equipment belonging to the militias were destroyed.

The center indicated that the Houthi militia is trying to penetrate the areas of redeployment of the joint forces in Hodeidah.

The Arab coalition announced this evening that it had carried out 11 targeting operations on the western coast to support the coastal forces and protect civilians. Emphasizing support for the operations of the Yemeni forces on the western coast outside the Stockholm Agreement texts areas.

A few days ago, the joint forces withdrew from the city of Hodeidah and a number of its districts abruptly, and later said that they had left the areas covered by the Stockholm Agreement.

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