Announcing a new price for petrol in Aden..and this is the new price


The Yemeni Oil Company, Aden Branch, announced a new adjustment in the selling prices of gasoline at its stations, starting today, Monday.

The company said, in an official statement issued by it yesterday, Sunday, that it approved the amendment of the selling prices of (gasoline) from the previous price to the new price, at a value of (1090) riyals as a fixed price per liter, and at a rate of (21800) riyals as a fixed price for a twenty-liter can.

The statement added: “The company expresses its deepest apologies to the citizens for adjusting prices due to its inability to bear more losses in the sales process, as well as the need to keep pace with a flexible pricing strategy linked to global fuel prices and the ups and downs of the local currency exchange rates against the dollar.”

The company confirmed that it has supplied all its stations and agents’ stations from the private sector in the governorates located within the geographical supply scope of the company’s branch in the capital, Aden, asking its agents to abide by the new pricing as of (Monday) corresponding to November 22, 2021 AD.

This comes in light of the continuous collapse of the Yemeni riyal and a continuous increase in the prices of goods and services, with the government’s silence regarding the economic deterioration the country is witnessing.

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