Announcing the first day of Rabi` Al-Awwal for the Hijri year 1443


Most of the countries of the Arab and Islamic world announced that Friday, October 8, 2021, is the first of the month of Rabi’ al-Awwal for the current Hijri year 1443, unlike the astronomical calculations and the Umm al-Qura calendar, who approved its surprise today, Thursday.

A number of Arab and Islamic countries, including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, the Sultanate of Oman, Egypt, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, Libya, Iraq and others, confirmed that the sighting of the crescent of Rabi` al-Awwal was not confirmed yesterday evening, Wednesday, announcing Friday as the first of the month of Rabi` al-Awwal.

There are Islamic countries that rely on astronomical calculations to determine the entry of the Hijri months, and Rabi` al-Awwal began for them today, Thursday, while most of them depend on the legitimate vision.

There are other countries whose calendar agrees today, the 29th of Safar, which is the day of investigation, as some of them announced that the new moon will not be fixed tonight, and therefore Saturday will be the first of Rabi’ al-Awwal, including countries in East and North Asia.

And according to the announcement of Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and most Arab countries, the anniversary of the Prophet’s birthday will be the 12th of Rabi’ al-Awwal on October 19, while it will be on October 18 in the countries that started the month today.

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