Another split of the “transitional” with diminished opportunities for “separation” and new tensions that lay the foundation for upcoming cycles of violence


Today, Monday, the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies said that the recent clashes in the city of Aden added new tensions in the separatist southern row, which may establish future cycles of violence, with the convictions that it reinforced that the secession project adopted by the Transitional Council or other parties on its side diminishes the chances accomplished.

The center explained in a position assessment paper, which was reviewed by the “Yemeni Scene”, that “the military structure of the council’s forces is based, as the recent clashes revealed, on rules that do not establish a unified force from which it is hoped to reach what advocates of secession call the “southern armed forces”.

He pointed out that “the events in Crater in Aden added other accumulations to previous accumulations produced by past violence events, the most recent of which was the August 2019 confrontations, which caused deep divisions in southern Yemen.”

He added: As for the Crater events, they paved the way for another split within the separatist faction, and even more so. He continued: This means that rethinking the separatist call has become a national necessity to protect and preserve the cohesion of southern Yemen, no less important than the necessity of protecting the national unity of the entire Yemeni soil. Himself.

Violent clashes erupted in the Crater area of ​​the Sirah district, south of the city, in early October, leaving dead and wounded.

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