“Apache” enters the front lines for the first time in the battles of “Marib” after “Saada”


Today, Tuesday, field sources revealed that Apache helicopters entered the front lines in Marib Governorate between the Yemeni army and the tribes, and the Houthi rebels.

The sources told “the Yemeni scene”, that the entry of the “Apache” into the battle will change its course significantly, and will greatly weaken the strength of the Houthi opponent, and the ground pieces of armored vehicles or Sidon tankers will become easy and valuable for their fire in the absence of air cover for the Houthi rebels, and the weakness of anti-aircraft sophisticated.

The sources indicated that the entry of the Apache Corps will save the costs of hundreds of air strikes in a short time.

The Apache Air Force entered the battles between the Houthis and the Yemeni army, for the first time, during battles in the border province of Saada, early this year.

Saudi Arabia has American-made AH-64 Apache aircraft, the price of each of them is estimated at $100 million.

The “Apache” is a very dangerous American attack helicopter in battle in every sense of the word. It is a plane that combines strength, intensity and speed of movement, produced by the “Boeing” company, and it is characterized as a highly armed attack helicopter, with quick reactions, and it can attack from close distances or in depth, It flies close to the surface of the earth and hides behind any object on the ground whenever possible. It is also designed to hide from the enemy’s radar system using a distortion system that works to hide and deceive the enemy’s radar, so it cannot be detected through the radar.

And the “Apache” is designed to be able to operate day and night, and in all climatic conditions, its main goal in war battles is to attack tanks and armored vehicles, because it is equipped with a very advanced missile launch system called hellfire or hell missiles that have the ability to penetrate and destroy armor. These missiles are designed to be guided by laser beams, whereby the pilot in charge of the artillery fires a laser beam towards the target on the ground in the form of intermittent pulses meaning an encrypted signal.

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