Arab coalition warplanes launch several raids on “Al-Abdiyyah” in Marib, and a number of people were killed (the names)


The Arab coalition aircraft carried out a number of precise air strikes targeting Houthi positions and movements in the Abdiya front in Marib this evening, Sunday.

The sources said that the coalition warplanes launched several raids, coinciding with the violent and raging battles taking place on the besieged al-Abdiyya fronts south of Marib, where the Houthi coup militia launched, today, Sunday, a wide attack from several axes to bring down the Abdiya district, south of Ma’rib Governorate (eastern Yemen).

Military and field sources confirmed the failure of the attack launched by the Houthi coup militia to overthrow the Abdiya district, and the heroes of the National Army and the Popular Resistance were able to repel the attack, which resulted in the death of a number of Houthis by the fire of the National Army, the Popular Resistance and the Arab coalition aircraft.

The attack also resulted in the killing of a number of residents of the Abdiya district, and the injury of dozens of its heroes in continuous confrontations with the Houthi coup militia.

Sources “special for the Yemeni scene” said that the Houthi attack resulted in the killing of Muhammad Nasser Al-Dhafri Al-Ghanimi, Abdullah Muhammad Nasser Al-Dhafri Al-Ghanimi, Abdul Majeed Naji Al-Saidi, Ahmed Rajeh Al-Rajhi and Bashar Hassan Abdullah Al-Ghanimi.

The Abdiya front has been witnessing a suffocating siege for more than 19 days, amid the determination of its people.

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