“Arrangements have been made and the ranks are separated.” Black days darker than the bottom of Hell await the battle of Marib


Yemeni journalist, Ahmed Ayed, said on Friday evening that dark days, darker than the bottom of Hell, await the Houthi coup militia, in Ma’rib Governorate (east of Yemen).

He added: “Concentrate well on the course of the war during the coming days. Arrangements have been made and the ranks have differentiated, and black days are darker than the bottom of Hell awaiting the Houthis.”

The journalist Ayed concluded by saying: “First men with great strength in the first lines of confrontation, the areas of betrayal from which the slaves of the Imamate infiltrated, cut their stakes.”

He indicated that the government forces managed to rearrange their ranks and liquidate the pockets and sleeper cells that facilitated the Houthi coup militia’s advance and control of some areas south of Marib.

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