Arrest of a suspect in a murder case in Aden


The police of Dar Saad Directorate in Aden managed to arrest a suspect of a murder, days after committing his crime.

The Director of Dar Saad Police, Colonel Musleh Al-Dharhani, confirmed that a search and investigation team led by the investigation officers Adam and in cooperation with Sheikh Othman police managed to arrest the 32-year-old accused of murdering one of his relatives, who claims (A. A) early last week.

Al-Dharhani added that the investigation teams revealed the details of the crime that took place in the Al-Emad area, north-east of Dar Saad district, and the identity of the accused, who is related to the victim, was tracked down and arrested, under the direct supervision of the Director General of the Capital Police, Major General Mutahar Ali Naji.

The Director of Police confirmed that the security services took the necessary legal measures against the accused and completed the case file in preparation for transferring it to the competent authorities to complete the procedures and refer it to the Public Prosecution.

The governorate of Aden has witnessed a major insecurity since the Southern Transitional Council took control of it in August of the year 2019.

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