Arrest of an accused of defrauding about half a million Saudi riyals on a Yemeni expatriate in Saudi Arabia


Today, Wednesday, the Security Media Center in Taiz Governorate reported that the Criminal Investigation Department of the governorate police arrested the so-called Imad Qaed Ghaleb Abdul Qadir, who is accused of breach of trust, fraud and fraud against citizen Walid Muhammad Salem Abdullah, with an amount of four hundred and ninety thousand three hundred and fifty Saudi riyals.

The center quoted a security source as saying that the swindling took place three months ago in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, after receiving the report from the prosecutor’s brother and his representative, and under direct directions from the Governorate Police Director-General, Brigadier Mansour Al-Akhali, in line with the directives of the Appeals Chief Prosecutor, Judge Muhammad Sultan.

The source indicated that legal measures were taken, the necessary information was collected and records were made for collecting inferences and investigations about the incident. The house of the accused’s father, located in the Wadi Al-Dahi area, was moved to the house, and the house was searched under a search warrant for the house by the search prosecution, and an amount of four hundred and ninety thousand three hundred and fifty riyals was found. The amount was seized and handed over to the aforementioned agent under the direction of the Chief Prosecutor.

He pointed out that the amount was handed over in an official handover report to the plaintiff’s agent in the presence of the Director of the Criminal Investigation Department, Brigadier General Sadiq Al-Husami, who directly supervised the arrest of the offender and the recovery of the money, and in the presence of the Public Prosecution Office for Research, Security and Prisons, Judge Khalil Sultan.

Earlier, Yemeni expatriates from the governorate and other governorates were subjected to similar fraud attempts.

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