As progress continues on the west coast… the joint forces ignite a front against the Houthis in a new Yemeni governorate


The joint Yemeni forces continue to advance for the second day in a row with a large-scale operation within the western coast fronts, amid human and material losses in the ranks of the Houthi militia.

Walid Al-Qadimi, the first representative of Al-Hodeidah Governorate, said in tweets on his account on the micro-blogging site “Twitter”, which was monitored by “The Yemeni Scene”, that “there are victories achieved by the heroes on all fronts, which rejoice the heart, and you will hear what everyone rejoices soon from the Al-Dhalea front, including The defeats of the terrorist militia and the Houthi coup of the joint forces will follow. ‎

He stressed, “The people of Yemen will liberate their homeland from the hateful, reactionary Imami priesthood, and the republican flag of our homeland will continue to fly.”

He pointed out that the joint forces returned today to fight the Houthis in the mountain ranges, and liberated what was not considered by the militia, which fled and left its equipment and equipment, and even left the children captive to our heroes.

He pointed out that the joint forces withdrew from the entrances to Hodeidah, which is a land easy to battle and has men, equipment and equipment, due to the Stockholm Agreement, which represented an obstacle to it.

And the joint forces dealt painful blows to the Houthi militia, during the recent military operations, after it got rid of the obligations of the Stockholm Agreement, by repositioning and deploying it on the western coast.

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