“Associated” correspondent talks about developments in writing a death certificate for legitimacy and the coalition in Yemen within two months


Ahmed Al-Hajji, the Associated Press’s correspondent in Yemen, said that it is possible that the visit of the US National Security Adviser to Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt and Oman, which is related to Yemen, would be written as a death certificate for the legitimate government and the Arab coalition.

An Associated Press reporter asked about the possibility of registering a death certificate for the legitimacy and the coalition in Yemen, during the next two months, after the US National Security Adviser visited several Arab countries to search for a solution to the Yemeni crisis.

He added, “There is no doubt that Solvian holds a file that is not similar to precedent, as there are a number of American measures and demands that have been placed on Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s table to implement them before the end of this year, in preparation for going to political negotiations between the Houthis, the legitimate government, the Transitional Council and the rest of the Yemeni parties.”

He stressed that such a high-ranking American figure, who is the second most important figure in the administration of US President Joe Biden, will not only come to record attendance, but will define the foundations and axes of a political solution and stop the war in Yemen, according to American media.

Noting that this is a step that reassures the leaders of the left in the Democratic Party who supported President Biden in his recent election campaign that brought him to the White House.

Al-Hajji concluded by saying: “If after years of the failure of the military solution, the time has come for a political solution, even against the will of all parties.”

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