At 75 percent, the Houthi government relies on “coffee” and “honey” instead of “oil” and “gas” and raises widespread ridicule.


The unrecognized Houthi rebel government announced the adoption of “coffee” and “honey” instead of “oil” and “gas”, which aroused widespread ridicule, claiming that the Yemeni coffee revolution, which is one of the fruits of what he called the September 21 revolution.

Abdul Aziz bin Habtoor, Head of the unrecognized government, said during the inauguration of the Coffee Revolution Festival and Exhibition under the slogan “The development and protection of coffee is our collective responsibility”, visited by the “Yemeni Scene”, that “coffee and honey, and their distinguished reputation regionally and internationally, qualifies them to be important sources for supporting National economy”.

He pointed out the importance of searching for alternative sources of oil and gas, on which the previous state budgets depended by 75%, in light of the retreating indicators from the global demand for the use of fossil fuels due to its negative effects on the environment and causing global warming.

While the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the unrecognized militia government, Radwan Al-Rubai, called for the importance of inaugurating the Yemeni coffee revolution, which is one of the fruits of what he called the September 21 revolution, after the inauguration of the agricultural revolution, despite the conviction of the majority of Yemenis that it is a catastrophe and not a revolution.

The participants claimed that reaching the launch of a new phase of relying on local products and community participation is the basis for agricultural and development renaissance.

And they said that “as a result of climate changes that the world is witnessing, and the rise in temperatures in the last seven years, many experts expect a decrease in coffee productivity in 2030 AD and that specialty coffee will become twice its price.”

The world consumes 2 billion cups of coffee daily, and Yemenis owe a lot to provide this drink, according to the participants in the event.

They noted that coffee trade amounts to about $70 billion annually, as it is the second commodity traded after oil.

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