Attacked the militia formations .. “The Nasserite Organization” in Sana’a calls for the repetition of the courage of the former Yemeni president


Today, Monday, the Nasserite Popular Unionist Organization in the capital, Sanaa, called for repeating the courage of former Yemeni President Ibrahim al-Hamdi and benefiting from his powerful experience that opened the paths of development and advancement, raised the authority of law and order, and restored the sovereignty and independence of the state, and was armed with science and knowledge.

In a statement issued by a symbolic mass rally in the martyrs’ cemetery, the organization’s General Secretariat reiterated its demands for the need to open an international investigation into this treacherous crime in which local, regional and international forces participated, and to reveal the fate of the forcibly disappeared.

The statement referred to the project of the leader of the modern civil state, the martyr Ibrahim Al-Hamdi, in a unified, democratic and stable Yemen based on equal citizenship and the rule of law.

The statement pointed out that the forty-fourth anniversary of the assassination of President al-Hamdi and his brother Abdullah al-Hamdi, commander of the Giants forces, comes while the Yemeni people are living in harsh conditions due to the war, the emergence of militia entities, partition projects, and ambitions, and the project of a democratic civil state is in a state of setback, and national sovereignty is deficient, which is a situation President al-Hamdi struggled to change it, to raise the dignity and pride of Yemenis at home and abroad, and to preserve Yemen’s sovereignty and its position among countries in a manner befitting its status, civilization and history.

The statement called on all Yemenis to abandon private projects, shameful submission to the outside and its disruptive projects, and return to the dialogue table in order to restore the state and agree on a formula that preserves the state and raise its authority and its affairs over its temporary identities, to get the country out of this dark tunnel that only serves the enemies To whom.

Today, Monday, marks the 44th anniversary of the assassination of President Al-Hamdi, which coincides with October 11, 1977.

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