Azerbaijani media accuse Iran of meddling in its territory during the last round of the Karabakh conflict


Azerbaijani media blamed Iran for militarily interfering in the country’s territory during the latest round of the conflict in the Karabakh region, in a new development within the escalation between the two countries.

Today, Saturday, the Caliber Az YouTube channel, run by two journalists who broadcast a military analysis program on Azerbaijani state television, published a video clip detailing the alleged Iranian interference.

According to this video, this incident came on October 17, 2020, after the Azerbaijani forces tightened their control over the town of Khodaavrin near the border with Iran and continued their progress along the Aras River towards the Khodaavrin Dam, and then towards the city of Zangilan.

The video claimed that Iranian army forces violated Azerbaijan’s sovereignty, entered its territory, and blocked the way for the advancing units of the Azerbaijani army with a concrete block, claiming to protect the dam.

According to the video, the talks between the military leaders on the ground between the two countries did not lead to any result, and therefore the command of the Azerbaijani units decided, in order to avoid a clash and open a second front with Iran, to return to the town of Sultanli, 14 km away, and go to Zangilan by a longer route.

The video claimed that on the night of October 17-18, the Baku government delivered a strongly worded protest note to Tehran against the background of this incident and threatened to “expose Iranian treachery to public opinion.”

According to the video, the military attache at the Iranian embassy in Baku went to the Gabriel district (where these developments took place) in order to see the situation on the ground, and after a day of tense talks, the Iranian forces withdrew from the territory of Azerbaijan.

The video claimed that this Iranian measure allowed the Armenian side to re-mobilize its forces in the face of the Azerbaijani advance.

These accusations come against the backdrop of the recent escalation between Azerbaijan and Iran, with the Baku government imposing strict tariffs on trucks transporting Iranian fuel to the city of Stepankert, the capital of the unilaterally proclaimed Armenia-backed Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.

In these circumstances, Iran expressed its concern about the transfer of ISIS elements to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and stressed that it would not tolerate an “Israeli presence” at its borders, and conducted large-scale military maneuvers at the borders of Azerbaijan.

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