Bahah to the presidency with the support of a Saudi businessman of Yemeni origin


Well-informed Yemeni political sources revealed, today, Thursday, that consultations were being conducted to choose the engineer, Khaled Mahfouz Bahah, to reach the presidency.

The sources mentioned to “The Yemeni Scene”, that there is a Yemeni, regional and international consensus to assign the presidency of the republic to Al-Muhandis Bahah, based on a political settlement that ends the war and puts Yemen on the right path to holding early presidential elections.

The sources indicated that Bahah has a development project the size of a united Yemen, and for Hadhramaut in particular.

Eng. Bahah, who was a former Vice President of the Republic and a former Prime Minister, has the support of the Saudi businessman of Hadrami descent, Eng. Abdullah Bugshan.

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