“Baoum” announces his return and stresses on confronting the Houthis


The founder and leader of the peaceful Southern Movement, Hassan Baoum, announced his intention to return to the southern governorates and participate in confronting the Houthis if they tried to return to the south.

Fadi, son of Hassan Baoum, said in a post on his Facebook page: We will return to our land on the 14th of October and unite with the masses of our people and share their troubles and pain.

Fadi added in his publication, attacking the Houthi group, with which he was once allied: The aggressor Houthi group begins its battle in our land, and it will be the last. We will turn the pages of the dispute forever.

Ba’oom is considered a founder of the Southern Movement and was arrested for many years in the prisons of the late President Ali Saleh, but he retired from the war with the Houthis in 2015 AD and adhered to neutrality in a situation that provoked outrage from him.

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