Battle betrayal and a cause in favor of the priesthood


They wrote about the redeployment and portrayed it as a betrayal and shook people’s trust in the joint and took the Brigadier General Tariq Saleh and flooded the media with positioning and every word responded by positioning and intimidated people with heavy content and a lot and spread the peace and faith of the herd!

Those who withstood the media onslaught are a few, and they have glory, and I will tell you frankly those who were shaken by the Brotherhood’s contents about positioning. I was surprised by them to the extent that Asmaa had an arm and an arm and realized the truth. The wave of treason was able to occur on their pens and they wrote according to everyone’s campaign

Now, that the truth has emerged, from the priesthood’s reaction, and from the clarification of the alliance, they must apologize and tell the truth, and we do not want anything from them but not to be dragged behind the illusions of Anis Mansour again, we want them to preserve their credibility

Who will return the truth to people’s minds, the truth has appeared and will appear, but the people who believe that there is a pledge of allegiance and betrayal, will the people themselves repeat the ball and say to them: We made a mistake!

In my turn, I will tell the madman in front of our house tomorrow that he who was told is just a mess, but who will happen to all the people? People must know the truth

The betrayal of a battle, the betrayal of a cause, the betrayal of a front, to drown society with that rumor; in favor of the priesthood.

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