Because of a dispute between two sisters.. He saw a fight with daggers between the owners of “hairdressers” in the city of Ibb, leading to one of them entering the care


A fight with daggers between the owners of women’s salons “coiffure” caused one of them to enter care after he sustained a deep wound in the chest with one of the stab wounds.
He showed the “Yemeni Scene” a video clip, which was filmed by one of the women of the fight of the owners of the women’s saloon shops after one of them accused the other of stealing his customers.
Local sources said that the fight, part of which was documented by the camera, was between the owner of Half Moon Salon and the other Magician in the Al-Jabbana area on Taiz Street in Ibb city, after one accused the other of stealing his customers and competing with him after he opened a shop nearby.
The sources confirmed that the owner of the first shop is Jalal and the second Majed, and the two are married to two sisters, and that the wife of the first told her sister that the hairdresser’s shop is very profitable, which prompted her husband to open a hairdresser shop.
The internal conflict between the two sisters, after their father failed to resolve the dispute, passed to their husbands, all the way to the prosecution, which is now investigating a case of attempted murder.

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