Because they are preoccupied with the most important battle in Marib…the Houthis have been lured into a new and decisive battle on the western coast


The Mocha Center for Strategic Studies said today, Tuesday, that the Houthi rebels were drawn into a new and decisive battle on the western coast, the day after the announcement of the “redeployment” of the joint forces, which some considered a sudden withdrawal of those forces.

The center explained in a position assessment paper, which was reviewed by the “Yemeni Scene”, that “the scene will change if the purpose is to lure the Houthis into a decisive battle on the western coast.”

He added: If the motive was not to lure the Houthis into a decisive battle over Hodeidah, then this withdrawal added a lot of complexity to the military scene in Yemen, and created a new reality in which the liberation of Hodeidah became a more difficult, if not unlikely, option.

He continued: “This explanation stems from the fact that the withdrawal of the “joint forces” is primarily a tactical action, to push the Houthis to drop the “Stockholm Agreement” and drag them to a wide spread in the areas from which they have withdrawn, which will enable the launch of a new battle towards the city of Hodeidah. After bypassing the legal and political restrictions represented by the Sweden Agreement, and taking advantage of the Houthis’ spread over large lands to strike the biggest blows against them, especially since they are unable to obtain significant human and armament support, because they are preoccupied with the most important battle in Marib.

He pointed out that “the countries of the coalition are redeploying and repositioning the forces affiliated with the legitimate government on the ground in preparation for a major event, which may be the fall of Marib, so that the Giants Brigades will play a pivotal role in confronting any progress of the Houthis in Abyan, Shabwa, Lahj and Al-Dhale’; in return, handing over The mission of the West Coast, specifically the strategic area near Bab al-Mandab, for the “Guardians of the Republic”, led by Tariq Saleh.

Yesterday, Monday, the spokesman for the “Arab Alliance” forces, Brigadier Turki Al-Maliki, confirmed that “the redeployment and repositioning of the military forces of the alliance and the forces of the Yemeni government in the area of ​​operations came within the military plans of the leadership of the joint forces of the coalition, and is in line with the military strategy to support the government.” Yemen is in its national battle on all fronts… and that it is in line with the future plans of the coalition forces.”

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