Before its celebrations of the Prophet’s birthday, a new Houthi campaign to steal citizens’ money in exchange for sewage and sewage services


The Houthi coup militia launched a new campaign to collect levies and loot money from citizens in the areas of control, in conjunction with its preparations for the Prophet’s birthday celebrations.

Citizens told Al-Mashhad Al-Yemeni that a number of elements affiliated with the Houthi coup militia began to pass by citizens’ homes to collect funds under the threat of cutting sewage services and causing an environmental disaster that threatens the lives of citizens.

The citizens confirmed that the militants had already started blocking the sewage pipes because the citizens did not respond to them and paid the sums of money because they were not available to them.

Citizens in Houthi areas are living in tragic economic conditions as a result of cutting salaries for nearly five years, in addition to the increase in levying and looting to which they are exposed by militia members under several names.

Medical sources in Sana’a stated that “the overflow of sewage in a number of Sana’a streets threatens the emergence of some diseases and epidemics that will be difficult to confront in light of the continuous collapse of the health system in the country since the start of the war more than four years ago.”

According to the Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan for 2019, prepared by the United Nations, the total number of citizens in need of safe drinking water and sanitation and hygiene projects reached 17.8 million people (more than half of the population), across the country, at a cost of up to $285 million.

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