Before us is a battle that has its weight and its spark that ignites from the city of Ma’rib


Marib faces many challenges, including confronting the priestly Houthi group, which has intensified killing and criminality, and launching intensive field campaigns and continuous missile and artillery bombardment in order for Marib to announce its surrender.

The Marib tax is exorbitant if silence is the master of the situation, or if it takes out what is in its pocket, declares its own battle, and leads the battle by itself, away from the management of all those who have failed in the war since the Houthi coup.

In both cases, we are faced with many challenges at all levels, and honest men should take priority in giving priority to the fighting fronts and those in them, and managing them with calm and decency, and providing what the fighters need, instead of looking at others or blaming them or spending money on different doors.

We have before us a battle that has weight and weight. Its spark is emanating from the city of Marib, the most deadly city of the Houthi group, which is now managing its battle, Tehran itself, aware of the scale of the Marib battle and its aftermath of repercussions and decisive events in the history of Yemen and the region.

And Marib will be stronger than Stalitgrad before the armies of the Nazis, stronger will than the historic Battle of Kursk, and worse administration than the famous day of Prokhorovka.

Tighten your belts and prepare to ascend towards victory, only with the permission of the Lord, no matter what the facts are.
They see it far and see it soon,

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