Behind the scenes before the sudden withdrawal from Hodeidah… and the next destination for Tariq Saleh’s forces


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One of the prominent officials in Tihama called me and the men conquered us together because of the great event in Hodeidah that conquered the free and honorable people of the country.

He told me, do you know the details of what happened, Professor Muhammad?

More than a month ago, when I was on the coast, directives came from the UAE to Tariq Saleh to withdraw from Hodeidah completely. He told them, “It is not possible for me to withdraw in this way, and it reflects negatively on my image in front of everyone. The forces, and during that period, I arranged my affairs in those areas and approached the people and the government forces there, and in fact this is what happened.

Al-Tuhamy continues, saying:

After about a month and a half, the UAE invited the leaders to meet in Al-Duraimi camp, and told them to withdraw now.

And in fact, those brigades withdrew and handed everything over to the Houthis, who was ready to take over those areas directly. The proof of this is that the Houthis immediately took control of all the areas and did not even bother sending demining teams or forces to ensure the validity of the withdrawal or that it was an ambush to set them up. There is no Houthi surprise, as some claim. .

He stressed that the matter is not in implementation of the Sweden agreement, and evidence of this is that Al Houthi captured many fighters, stormed homes and arrested innocent people from the areas who withdrew from them.

This exposes the people to fall victim to Houthi crimes and violations.

Ten brigades completely withdrew and handed over those areas to Al-Houthi under Emirati directives, and not a single shot occurred from them.

He explained that after the voices rejecting this had risen, and after Al-Houthi was able, they issued instructions to return!!

However, the fighters refused to be pushed into ruin and recently sent a battalion from the 15th Brigade towards Al-Hima to confront Al-Houthi if he tried to advance towards Al-Khoukha.

They handed it over to the Houthis with ease after they liberated it and the martyrs and wounded fell on every inch of the western coast, and they were justifying the Sweden agreement and demanding its abolition, to then blow up everything and claim that legitimacy is the cause and their withdrawal.

Their positions contrasted, and the facts became clear.

At first they denied the withdrawal from its origin, and after the videos appeared, they retracted their denial and admitted in their trembling statement the withdrawal, claiming that this was in implementation of the Sweden agreement. Thing.

They did not find a justification for their action, so they said in the end that it was a repositioning!!

That is, positioning while you completely withdrew from areas that Al-Houthi dreamed of controlling. Did you get another return from Al-Houthi as a result of handing over to him these vast areas that threaten international peace and security with militia control over them?

My friend concluded heartily.

What took place on the ground was Iranian-Emirati coordination and arrangement, and we were warned by some of those concerned about the dangers of these plans early on.

Today, the truth of the claim of unification of the republican rank and the claim of recognition of legitimacy has been revealed.

What unification of a row when you hand over the land and the people of the earth to the Houthis?!

Any acknowledgment of legitimacy when you handed over the land and its people to the Houthis under Emirati directives and without the knowledge or even notification of the legitimacy.

In the last..

It seems that what you have done shows that you intend to fight legitimacy on other fronts, as indicated by the lines of your statement in which you said that you will transfer your forces to other southern fronts!!

I tell you all…

How much I warned and warned a long time ago, but no one understands and no one responds.

Allah is sufficient for me, and Allah is the best trustee.

For the rest of the talk and many details..

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