Between Mount Maran and Mount Murad


It has become clear and evident more than ever that the results of the mistakes that accompanied the management of the battle of Yemen in the face of Iran and its Houthi project cannot be reversed after the Houthi militias reached the outskirts of Marib on a journey that started from Mount Maran and arrived today, as the news says, to Mount Murad, which bears the name of more The tribes of Yemen are in trouble in the face of the Houthis, the most sacrificing in order to defeat the Iranian project.
And between Jabal Maran and Jabal Murad there is a long history of catastrophic mistakes made by the political elites and Yemeni components, most of whom stand today unable to express any position or advance any initiative to stop the wheel of successive setbacks that we are witnessing today on the fronts that have been steadfast for more than seven years as an impenetrable dam against hordes The Houthis and the cultural, social and political thought they represent is alien to Yemen.
What is happening today, as we mentioned above, is the harvest of seven years of failures, betrayals and corruption that many Yemenis have long talked about and written about, with their voices echoing only in the void, where the barking of the “guard dogs” that were fattened to fence this failure and freeze its image was loud and obstructive. Without exposing the corrupt, the profiteers, the fainthearted, and even the traitors, who have found those who turn their failure into victory and their lies into poems.
In this crisis scene that Yemen and the region in general live in, giving more advice seems a form of absurdity. He who is deaf to hearing advice when it was useful will not accept any advice today while he is immersed to his ears in the mud of failure and defeat that would not have been without the Trojans who It filled the plain and the mountain and tampered with the project to liberate Yemen from the tails of Iran, who got more than they wished and deserved, as a result of the lack of will, management, motivation and vision of those who took the lead in legitimacy!
And when we talk about failure and dirt pouring on the heads of those who caused it, we never mean those whose faces were covered with dust from the fronts and their limbs were cut off by shells and mines. After seven years of steadfastness in the face of the Houthi militias, there are thousands of fighters and tribesmen who hindered the Iranian project in Yemen and made sacrifices of superiority. Description The tombstones filled the horizon.
The visible fact is that the Yemenis, or most of them, made huge sacrifices that would have been enough not only to defeat the Iranian project in Yemen, but in the whole region if they found someone who would appreciate their sacrifices and lead the liberation train, hijack the historical moment and reap the fruits of dozens of revolutions and uprisings that erupted in various regions of Yemen to confront the Houthis. But she ended up lonely, abandoned and without a political alternative or a real army!
With my absolute confidence based on reading the past and looking into the future, that the transformations we are witnessing today at the military and political levels are as bad as they are, but it may be the beginning of a new phase in which the nightmares of the Iranian-backed militias will not end as much as they begin, but it is not too late for Recognizing some of what has passed and correcting some mistakes, despite the apparent state of euphoria displayed by this group, which is proud of its victories, is only the beginning of a new chapter of the conflict that has not ended in Yemen for a thousand years between a project that seeks to enslave and subjugate Yemenis and a people going through long stages of weakness and disease, but “ It comes from the end of the killing storm,” as is the case with Mustafa in the poem of the great Yemeni poet Abdullah Al-Baradouni.
Stopping the wheel of Houthi bullying and arrogance today is not impossible in my opinion, but it requires courageous and bold decisions, a comprehensive review and a review of the leaders of political and military failure that have known only defeat and failure for seven years. And the British Virgin Islands, and whoever buys with the money of the poor the nationalities of Dominica and Saint Kitts and Nevis will not be able to defeat the Houthis!

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