Beware!.. Drinking while standing causes 4 serious human diseases.. Get to know them


Many do not pay attention to the habit of drinking water while standing, and the great health risks it causes, over time, may expose a person to unexpected health crises.

It is his guidance, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, that he used to drink sitting, as it came in the hadith that he, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, forbade a man to drink while standing.

Dr. Vipul Rostigi, General Practitioner at a hospital in India, warned against drinking water while standing.

According to media reports, there are 4 health risks that result from the habit of drinking standing:

1- Dangerous to the lungs

When you drink water while standing, the nutrients and vitamins do not reach the liver and digestive system as required. The rapid movement of water through the digestive canal puts the lungs and heart at risk.

2- Kidney problems

The kidneys work best at filtering water while sitting, so standing up while drinking water brings it closer to passing without any filtering.

3- Indigestion

Drinking water while standing confuses the digestive system, because in this case the water passes with great force and speed through the food channel and falls down the stomach.

4- Arthritis

Fluid accumulates in the joints when the nerves are tense in the event of drinking water standing, which leads to inflammation and damage to the joints.

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