Bin Dagher invites Yemenis to celebrate this occasion, “even if the night that oppresses our souls mocks us.”


The Speaker of the Shura Council, Ahmed Obaid bin Daghr, called for a celebration, even if the night of the night on the rest of the Yemenis mocked them.

This came in response to the Tanzanian winner, Abdul Razzaq Gurnah, winning the 2021 Nobel Prize for Literature, who Yemeni media and activists claimed was of Arab origins from Hadhramaut Governorate, southeast of Yemen.

Bin Daghr re-published part of an article by the former Minister of Culture, Khaled Al-Ruwaishan, attaching a picture of Gurna, in which he said: “Therefore, let us celebrate tonight with the Qarnah family in Al-Dis, Hadramout and Yemen!

He added, “We will celebrate even if the night that oppresses our souls mocks us!”

“We will celebrate Hadramawt, the great oak of Yemen, whose roots and branches have extended to the whole world!”

Immediately after the announcement of Gurna’s winning the Nobel Prize for Literature, the pioneers of the communication sites rushed to find out his origins, as Yemenis said that he belongs to Hadramawt, but his biography on Wikipedia did not mention this information.

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