Briefing the course of the war


During the fierce battles that took place in the Al-Juba district over the past weeks, the nature of the land and its extended mountains gave the enemy the advantage in combat positioning and was able to attack from multiple places in the sprawling slopes.

Three days ago, with the beginning of the open spaces (after the Jarash area), the theater of operations changed, and the combat positioning gave the national army and the popular resistance the advantage because the land was not suitable for encirclement or encirclement, which means the destruction of more Houthi groups.

In today’s battle, the militias suffered the greatest loss in months. The Houthi militias pushed their groups across the mountains beyond the line of defense, but because the open spaces were unfit for encirclement, the Houthi attack was a death sentence for their groups who were destroyed between killing and capturing.

Today’s battle was shocking to the Houthi field leaders, and they were well aware that the battles of the coming days would be more intense and fierce, and whatever their ability to mobilize new groups would not have an impact, as happened in the crusher, which has become the worst word in the dictionary of the Houthi militias.

Just as today’s battle was shocking to the enemy, it strengthened the morale of the heroes of our national army and popular resistance, and confirmed that our heroes are capable of destroying the military power of the Houthis, a day we see soon, God willing.

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