Brigadier General “Tariq Saleh” reveals the reasons for leaving the West Coast front, which is witnessing fierce battles (photo)


Today, Thursday, Brigadier General Tariq Saleh, commander of the National Resistance and the Guards of the Republic, which is stationed on the West Coast front, appeared from the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Brigadier-General Tariq Saleh said that he offered his condolences in Cairo to Sheikh Rami Yasser Al-Awadi and his brothers on the death of their father, the brave fighter, Sheikh Yasser Ahmed Salem Al-Awadi.

He added, in a tweet monitored by “The Yemeni Scene”, that the departure of Sheikh Yasser Al-Awadi constituted a great loss for Yemen and the national battle.

This comes at a time when the West Coast front has been witnessing violent confrontations between the joint forces and the Houthi militia in several areas south of Hodeidah and northwest of Taiz, during which the joint forces achieved great victories, the most important of which was the complete securing of the Hays district.

And in the middle of this month, the parliamentarian and leader of the Popular Congress Party, Yasser Al-Awadi, died in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, after a sudden illness.

Al-Awadi is one of the most prominent leaders of the Congress loyal to the former president, Ali Abdullah Saleh. Al-Awadi served as a deputy in the House of Representatives for the 2003-2009 parliamentary session and the parliamentary bloc of GPC deputies in Al-Bayda Governorate. He is the son of Sheikh Ahmed Salem Ahmed Al-Awadi.

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