Brigadier General Tariq talks about the Riyadh Agreement and confirms that the legitimate government is a victim..and these are the reasons


The commander of the Yemeni National Resistance, Brigadier-General Tariq Muhammad Abdullah Saleh, confirmed that the coalition led by Saudi Arabia provided great capabilities to support the battle for legitimacy, and the Yemeni people and their fronts, and still is.

During a press interview conducted by Okaz newspaper, Brigadier General Tariq considered the Riyadh Agreement a national political achievement under the auspices of the coalition, and that the opportunity for this agreement to achieve a positive breakthrough in reforming the performance of legitimacy and unifying ranks against the Houthis still exists.

He pointed out that although there is no political entity representing him or his office in this agreement, what matters in the first place is for the political parties to leave the government to implement it, stressing that the differences that occur are a free service to the Houthis and delay the battle of victory, and good faith must be presented and honest work away from conspiracy and making excuses.

Commenting on the dispute between the government and the Transitional Council, Brigadier-General Tariq explained that the government is made up of political parties, including the transitional, so the government is no longer a party and the Transitional is a party, but rather a government representing parties, all of whom represent legitimacy, and the differences between the political parties, and the government is the victim of their differences, and the liberated areas And all of Yemen is paying the price for this.

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