British action over the execution of prisoners in Hodeidah


The British Embassy in Yemen has condemned field executions in Al Hudaydah Governorate, during the past days.

“We are concerned about the reports of 10 unlawful executions in Hodeidah,” the embassy said, in a brief statement, posted on its official Twitter account.

“We are closely following the case and call on the authorities to fully investigate,” the statement added. Stressing that “these heinous acts are a disregard for international law, and those responsible for their actions must be held accountable.”

The Houthi militia had accused the joint forces of carrying out field executions against prisoners of its own, and the Zaraniq Brigade of the Tuhami Resistance Forces announced that the Houthi militia had executed a number of its members, calling on the United Nations to open a transparent investigation into these allegations.

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