Brutal Houthi aggression with local personalities in exchange for an “imaginary victory”


The Houthis are pushing local figures who are not important, given that they are the ones who are running the battle, and who are planning the war of annihilation that the violent group is waging against the Yemenis.
These personalities realize that at best, they are carrying out the task of “road guides”, and do not bear any character, neither civilian nor military, and are being marketed in the media to cover up the ambitions of Al-Houthi and his desire to subdue the people to accept him.
Al-Houthi aims to destabilize the tribal rank, and to show what these tools are doing as if it were a division and internal disputes between the people of the land. .
Thanks to this, breakthroughs may occur here and there, but they do not enable him to impose control or establish a fait accompli, but rather cost him more losses, in exchange for an “imaginary victory”, with limited impact, within his blind adventures.

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