By names…the Houthi militia admits the killing of 25 military leaders on the fronts


The Houthi coup militia admitted, on Wednesday, the killing of prominent military leaders in the militias, by the fire of the National Army and the Popular Resistance, and they belong to five governorates.

On Wednesday, 25 of its members were killed in a number of the governorates under its control, most of whom are major field commanders in the ranks of the militia and impersonate high military ranks and belong to five governorates.

According to the media of the Iranian-backed rebel Houthi militia, the militia has established the following:

1- Brigadier General Majid Hagwan Zayed – Sana’a

2- Brigadier General Ali Ahmed Al-Moayad – Sana’a

3- Colonel Fayez Hammoud Al-Abadi – Sana’a

4- Colonel Ahmed Ahmed Al-Fadhili – Sana’a

5- Colonel Hammoud Muhammad Hammoud Ateeq – Sana’a – Hamdan District

6- Lieutenant-Colonel Muhib Abdullah Sufyan – Ibb – Al-Sayani Directorate

7- Major Sadad Ahmed Al-Samouli – Sana’a

8- Major Imad Saleh Muhammad Al-Bahloli – Sana’a – Sanhan District

9- Major Ahmed Muhammad Muhammad Al-Hamli – Al-Amanah – Bani Al-Harith District

10- Major Fadl Hussein Abdul Karim Al-Humayqani – Al-Bayda – Al-Zaher District

11- Major Osama Muhammad Muhammad Al-Darb – Al-Mahwit – Shibam Kawkaban District

12- Captain Suhaib Abdul Rahman Khaled Ghaylan – Sana’a

13- Captain Ahmed Ahmed Marzouki – Hajja

14- Captain Saddam Qassem Jaber Abu Alban – Imran

15- First Lieutenant Salim Qaid Nabhan – Sana’a

16- First Lieutenant Taher Ali Abu Abd – Hajjah

17- First Lieutenant Saddam Abdullah Sufyan – Ibb – Al-Sayani District

18- First Lieutenant Adnan Ahmed Ali Saber – Sana’a – Al-Hima External Directorate

19- Assistant Abdul Kafi Abdul Karim Rashid Al-Qans – Sana’a – Manakhah District

20- Hussain Hussain Hassan Al Sarmi – Amran – Thalaa District

21- Abdul Rahman Mansour Muhammad Daoud – Sana’a – Directorate of Al-Hima Al-Khrawia

22- Issam Nasser Ali Hadi – Sana’a – Manakhah District

23- Jihad Ahmed Hammoud Al-Siaghi – Sana’a – Azal District

24- Jamaan Ali Naji Al-Thobani – Sana’a – Manakhah District

25- Imad Ali Saghir Al-Hajj – Saada – Razih District

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