Cancellation of the panel of experts and formation of an independent committee is a positive step towards peace in Yemen


Human rights violations in Yemen due to the war that escapes the rules and regulations of international law, and the impunity of the perpetrators of violations will not be stopped by the reports of a committee of experts that are published in the media without field procedures to investigate and prosecute the perpetrators of human rights violations.

The United Nations team of experts has continued for several years to work and submit periodic reports on human rights violations in Yemen, and every year the level of violations rises due to the absence of deterrence, legal accountability, and strict and concrete measures to stop human rights violations in Yemen without discrimination or exception.

The Yemeni people rejoiced with the decision of the Human Rights Council on Thursday 9-10-2021 AD to refuse to renew the work of the United Nations team of experts, a big step, especially with the circulation of unconfirmed information about the formation of an independent investigation committee to investigate all human rights violations in all regions of Yemen… The independent will have great powers, and the outcomes of the commission’s investigations will be referred to the international judiciary to prosecute human rights violators in Yemen and to ensure the most important human rights, which is that human rights violators do not go unpunished…

We are ready to cooperate with the Independent Investigation Commission to carry out its work with strength and rigor, without reservations, obstacles or exceptions.

The free world is facing a great challenge in forming an independent investigation committee into human rights violations, which each time was close to the procedures for its approval and at the last moment it stopped and other alternative mechanisms were adopted that are no longer feasible..

As soon as the Independent International Commission of Inquiry is formed, the war in Yemen will stop because there is no humanitarian war free of any human rights violations… The war is the biggest violation of human rights..

The United Nations Group of Experts in Yemen Since its formation, the pace of human rights violations in Yemen has not stopped, but rather increased and the number of violations rose in a hideous and shameless manner, resulting in the largest humanitarian disaster in history, according to the statements of the United Nations…

The formation of an independent international commission of inquiry with full powers to investigate all violations of human rights and violations of international humanitarian law – the law of war – and derives its powers from the UN Security Council and from Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations will not stop human rights violations in Yemen only, but will stop the war..

The Human Rights Council rejected the extension of the United Nations Panel of Experts in Yemen in light of a draft resolution that has been ready for years to include a strong decision by the Human Rights Council. For an international trial of the perpetrators of violations and to punish them without discrimination or exception, and to redress and compensate the victims.

In the last :

We affirm our high appreciation for the United Nations in general, the UN Security Council, the Human Rights Council and all the countries of the free world, which had a positive role in stopping the extension of the team of experts, and we hope that the Independent Investigation Commission will be formed during this month, October 2021.

Enough pain and pain, enough war in Yemen. The Yemeni people suffer from the scourge and pain of a war that is free from the rules of international law and the continued impunity for the perpetrators of these violations. The Independent Investigation Committee is the one who will stop the wheel of the destructive war in Yemen and break its ugly teeth.

We commend the decision to abolish the panel of experts and to form an independent committee, a positive step towards peace in Yemen.

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