Challenges before the Southern Transitional Council will blow up what “Aidaros” has built so far


Without a doubt, the Transitional Council has become a political and military force in the south, and Aidorus Al-Zubaidi was able to lead the council calmly, and was able to successfully invest the Emirati support for separating the south, but there are challenges ahead, which could undermine what has been built so far, such as:

1. Insisting on commanding the southern ship alone, without the rest of the southern regions and tribes.

2. Complacency in the face of al-Houthi, the existential threat to the south and north.

3. The council continues to obstruct the return of the president and state leaders, and to stand as an obstacle to the government’s work in the liberated areas.

4. Believing that the separation will only take place by confiscating the property of the people of the North, and degrading them in the cities of the South and their military points.

5. The issue of the world’s support for the return of the state of the south comes from the success in establishing security and safety in the southern governorates, and by presenting a living model for state administration, acceptance and coexistence within the south and with the north. Secession will not come with chaotic practices, extremist slogans, and incompetent regional leaders.

6. My conviction is that the option of the regions will remain better for the south and the north, especially since the southern issue was created because of the political marginalization of the south, and the problem is not in unity, but on the contrary, unity is a strength for all.

7. Personally, I will stand by the choices of the people of the South as they see the best for their country.

We ask God’s safety for all

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