Chief of Staff “Ben Aziz” reveals the transfer of military forces from Marib..and this is their last destination


The Chief of the General Staff of the Yemeni Army, Lieutenant-General Saghir bin Aziz, revealed the transfer of all military forces from the city of Marib to the fighting fronts, stressing that the Yemeni army and people are capable of defeating the Houthi militias and defeating their destructive project in Yemen.

The Saudi newspaper, Al-Sharq al-Awsat, quoted Lieutenant-General bin Aziz as saying, after surviving the assassination attempt: “No creature will be able to advance or delay one second in your lifetime… Such does not weaken our resolve in the slightest. We will not relent in fighting the falsehood of the Iranian terrorist Houthi gang, its deception and its misleading,” he said, pointing to the Houthis’ admission in their media that 20,000 fighters were killed and 50,000 others wounded.

The newspaper pointed out that the statements date back to the beginning of October 2021, when Houthi media and social media accounts celebrated the “killing” of the Yemeni Chief of Staff, Lieutenant-General Saghir bin Aziz, after the militias fired two ballistic missiles at a site in Ma’rib Governorate.

The newspaper added, speaking about Lieutenant-General bin Aziz, that the Houthis “know that he is a fighter of a very valiant fabric, as he is a tribal sheikh from Amran governorate who is widely respected, and a brilliant military who resisted the Houthis and defeated them in the six wars that the group launched against the state since 2004 until they seized control of the Houthis.” overthrown in a coup d’état in September 2014.

Commenting on the incident, bin Aziz said: “Unfortunately, the (Houthis) targets have claimed innocent lives who have neither camel nor camel in war, despite the knowledge of the Houthi militia that the city of Marib is no longer an installation or military barracks that pushes them to target it, as the war required the transfer of all forces combat and its means to the battlefronts.”

The Yemeni Chief of Staff says: “If you look at what the targeting of the home of the militant brother, Major General Sultan bin Ali Al-Arada, the governor of Ma’rib, caused damage to the homes of the citizens next to him, and the Kari Specialized Hospital, which treats dozens of patients daily, followed by the targeting of Al-Rawda neighborhood with three ballistic missiles at once, which led to Three children aged between seven months, two years and four years were killed, more than 36 people were injured, most of them children and women, and more than 20 houses were destroyed.

He pointed out: “These are organized terrorist crimes. No terrorist faction in the world has ever possessed these destructive capabilities that the Houthi militias possess, with purely Iranian expertise, yet we find the international community and human rights advocates approving of them.”

He continued: “No one can deny the facts, regardless of their ability to mislead others, when the Iranian Houthi militia admits its dead through its media and propaganda, and according to statistics, the number of their dead has reached more than 20,000 dead and more than 50,000 wounded.”

He pointed out that “when the national army and the sons of the resistance and tribes present thousands of martyrs and wounded…is this not a conclusive evidence of the intensity and seriousness of the battle? This is a preliminary outcome since the militias began their massive attack on the Ma’rib governorate with all kinds of offensive weapons: ballistic missiles, suicide marches, mobilizing thousands of children and throwing them into the crematoriums, ignoring Yemeni blood in the most remote images.”

In his statements, he stressed, “In the face of this organized terrorism practiced by the Houthi militias and behind them the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, the Yemeni National Army, the tribesmen and the resistance stand as an impenetrable bulwark and a safe guard against their arrogance and preventing the achievement of any of their military or political goals.”

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