Cold weather in ten Yemeni governorates


Today, Sunday, the National Center of Yemeni Meteorology expected that the weather will remain cold during the night and early morning hours in the governorates of (Al-Bayda – Dhamar – Sana’a – Amran – Saada – Abyan – Lahj – Ibb – Al-Dhalea and West Al-Jawf) in the mountainous and highland areas.

In its forecast, the center explained that the weather will be moderate during the day, clear to partly cloudy, with the possibility of cumulus clouds forming in the afternoon over parts of the northwestern highlands.

He pointed out that the weather in desert areas will be dry, cloud-free, and relatively cold during the night and early morning.

He warned of the effects of cold weather on the elderly, children and farmers.

Doctors advise adequate exposure to the sun in the morning, drink sufficient amounts of water, eat healthy food and exercise, as well as take some sleep and rest, and wear heavy clothes, to protect against winter diseases, and avoid colds.

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