Congress leaders determine their position on the survival of “Hadi” as President of the Republic in the expected political settlement


A number of prominent leaders of the General People’s Congress Party (loyal to the legitimate government) agreed to the request of President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, to attend a meeting to reconfirm his leadership of the party, and to remain as President of the Republic in the expected political settlement to end the war in Yemen.

Well-informed political sources said that President Hadi is making moves to hold a meeting with the leaders of the Congress Party, with the aim of “entering into the political settlement negotiations that the international community calls for through the gateway of the Congress to maintain his position as President of the Republic, if he is forced to abandon the three references.”

She confirmed that a number of conference leaders agreed to Hadi’s request, most notably “Ahmed al-Maisari, the former interior minister, and Ahmed Obaid bin Daghr, head of the Shura Council,” while others agreed, most notably “Sultan al-Barakani, Speaker of Parliament, and Rashad al-Alimi, Hadi’s advisor.” But they stipulated that the decision to accept them remain confidential.

She indicated that President Hadi refused to keep Al-Barakani and Al-Alimi’s decision secret, in order to cut the threads of their communication with other conference leaders residing in Abu Dhabi and Sana’a.

These moves coincide with the emergence of indicators of a political settlement with international support to end the war in Yemen, which requires the removal of President Hadi and the formation of a presidential council and a new government that includes several forces and components.

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