Consequences of withdrawal.. from Nehm to southern Hodeidah


The first withdrawal started from the premise to the breaker

And another withdrawal from the market of Qania to Juba

He withdrew from the hermitage, and his effect reached Umm Risha

Withdrawal from Aqaba and Al-Jawf and even Al-Alam

Withdrawal from the outskirts of the Serwah market and even Al-Zour

Withdrawals swallow hundreds of kilometers in record time and quickly (ghost).

Withdrawals brought with them a lot of multiple losses (human and material), withdrawals that some saw as (tactical), but for the first time in the history of wars and battles we witness (tactical withdrawals) and the results of each withdrawal are a withdrawal after it!!! Is military science limited to the art of (withdrawal) Is what the officers at the Commanders and Staff Academy and the Supreme War studied (the tactic of withdrawal)??? Or were these study leaders content with studying the subject of (withdrawal tactics) and sleeping or infiltrating the market (Farwa and Anas) while teaching other tactics?

Today we have a new withdrawal on the western coast of Hodeidah and under the pretext of (repositioning) and retreating for several kilometers, and the result is the same for all withdrawals, more suffering for the citizens, and the reason is one for those withdrawals (concussion in the head), trembling in the limbs, slackening of the heart and paralysis of the conscience. The masses of those who have withdrawn, each calibrate the other by withdrawing as they have two wives (a choking husband) who is controlled by his aunt and stepfather.

Those on the coast, on the mountain, and those in the desert have skills, experience and war tactics other than withdrawal and can do their duty, and asking the masses for them to attack, defend, or cancel agreements is a kind of foolishness. under its banner.

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