Contrary to the constitution, which binds the state to free basic education, the Houthis watched as preventing a child and his siblings from entering the test after imposing large fees


The Houthi militia prevented primary school students from entering the test after their inability to pay the fees that it imposed on a monthly basis in government schools, which were free in accordance with the constitutional text that obligates the state to free basic education.

Today, Thursday, the “Yemeni Scene” showed a video clip, in which a child in the third grade of basic education appears looking for a philanthropist to pay the tuition fees for him and his three brothers after they were prevented from entering the test in a school in Wadi Ahmed in the capital, Sana’a.

In the clip, an activist appears, who interviewed the child, who entered the southern ring road in the capital, Sana’a, in search of four thousand riyals, but did not find it, and denied them entry to the test with his sisters.

And the child who returned from his uncle’s house in Sana’a cried without the small amount of money, which became large in front of the Yemenis after the Houthi militia cut the salaries of employees except for their subordinates and imposed exorbitant fees and taxes on everything with the aim of looting the Yemenis in favor of the dynasty.

According to the clip, which was widely circulated on social media platforms and the effects of widespread indignation, the child traveled more than three kilometers to his uncle’s house and returned without the four thousand riyals, which is equal to only $8.

The sectarian leader Yahya al-Houthi – the elder brother of the leader of the Houthi militia, Abdul-Malik al-Houthi – and who holds the position of Minister of Education had issued orders to prevent the collection of fees from students to gain the support of international organizations and issued an official memorandum from his ministry to do so, but gave the green light to school principals to oblige students to pay fees. .

The fees imposed by the Houthi militia on students caused the withdrawal of many students from schools, especially female students, after they were removed from education and only students were kept, which caused a significant decrease in the number of students in general, and female students in particular, in schools.

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