Critical situation and wise decisions


Forgetting differences, repairing cracks, bridging gaps, extending cords of connection, convergence and rapprochement, partnership and leaving influence, sharing in concern and mission… the duty of time, and imposing the eye to confront the aggression of the common enemy (Houthi).
Whoever comes an inch close to you, draw close to him by an arm
Do not be disdain to lower your wing and concede to your brother, for your conceding to your brother strengthens your position in front of your enemy, preserves your dignity and does not humiliate you.
Do not watch your brother face your enemy alone and alone, for by doing so you will bring your neck closer to slaughter, and with foolishness you will be shamed and shamed by the Arabs.
Suppose that one of you, while walking towards rapprochement and striving on the path of peace, was deceived or even deceived by his companion…. No harm, that is much easier than an enemy who wants to uproot your roots, end your existence, and stifle your dignity.
And you, O attendant of evil, and tongue of incitement, do not dig up disagreements, do not resurrect them from their lair, do not underestimate the efforts, or question intentions, if you do not say good and call for peace and rejoice in closeness, then remain silent, and that is the weakest of faith, and the least of duty and woman.
Let the good lecturers try or be excused.
The critical situation requires great minds, high morals and historical decisions that trample selfishness and do not stop at minorities or look back… Who are its men?
As for scoring points in times of distress, blaming when distress, making excuses for others during war, exonerating oneself and condemning a comrade, even if you are right, it is the work of young people, and everyone masters it.
It is the Great Yemen, O sons of Yemen. It encompasses all of you, accommodates you all, and includes you in its embrace. If you do not cooperate with each other for the sake of your religion, your homeland, your identity and your dignity, and forget your differences, and this is what suits you, at least for the sake of politics and for the sake of your interests and selves, and if you do not do that, there is no weight behind that. From the mustard of the mind or wisdom!!
I said such a meaning in its place and I write it here for those who did not reach it, and I hope that none of us will be stingy with advising everyone in his place, perhaps he will find a conscious heart and a lively conscience, and the believers are sound and the hypocrites are deceived, and hope is not and will not be cut off, God willing.
If she ever fought at war, her blood would flow
She remembered the kinship, and she shed tears

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