Cut off Houthi militia supply lines from 3 governorates to Hodeidah..a government official announces a major military achievement


A Yemeni official revealed the strategic importance of the joint forces’ control of Hays district, Hodeidah governorate.

Adviser to the Yemeni Prime Minister, Ali Al-Sarari, said that the Hays district represents a link between Al Hudaydah Governorate and the governorates of Taiz and Ibb.

He pointed out that the recent liberation of Hays district is a great achievement, and a painful blow to the Houthi militia, which used it as an outlet to transfer weapons to Hodeidah.

He added, during a television interview on Al-Arabiya channel, that the liberation of the Jabal Ras Directorate is another military achievement, through which the joint forces will be able to control the supply line of the Houthi militias coming from Dhamar Governorate.

Al-Sarari stressed that the Houthi militia’s ability to move is now limited to one direction, which is the direction of Hodeidah only.

This comes after the liberation and securing of the Hays district and the achievement of significant advances by the joint forces in the Jabal Ras district, south of Hodeidah governorate.

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