Dark darkness prevails in the cities of Lebanon


A gloomy darkness prevails in the cities of Lebanon, after the electricity was cut off, due to the lack of fuel, and the failure of the Zahrani plant (south) and Deir Ammar (north).

Activists in Lebanon published scenes of the bleak darkness that the country is going through, in light of strenuous attempts to restore the electricity supply.

The “Electricity” Foundation said Lebanon”He said, “After communicating with the side of the oil facilities in Tripoli and Zahrani to purchase a quantity of gas oil, it is necessary to restart the Zahrani and Deir Ammar plants, and they informed us that they have no quantities of gas oil available to sell to the Electricity of Lebanon.”
And she continued, according to the National News Agency: “Therefore, communication was communicated through both His Excellency the Minister of Energy and Water and His Excellency the Minister of National Defense with the Lebanese Army Command, which expressed full readiness to deliver a total quantity of 6,000 kiloliters equally between each of the Al-Zahrani and Deir Ammar laboratories. The representative samples were examined and examined in order to ensure that their specifications match those of the gas turbines in both laboratories.

And she added that the labs are expected to restart after midnight Saturday/Sunday.

She pointed out that this amount will provide an additional capacity of about 300 megawatts, for a period of three days, which will raise the total production capacity to about 500 megawatts on the Lebanese network, in a way that provides a minimum level of stability and stability on it.
On September 23 last, the Electricity Corporation (governmental) warned of a power outage in all parts of the country after the remaining stock of fuel ran out.

About two years ago, Lebanon was beset by an economic crisis, the worst in its history, as it caused a financial and livelihood collapse, high poverty rates, and a scarcity of fuel, medicines and other basic commodities, due to the lack of foreign exchange needed to import them.

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