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Yemen will not turn into a platform for concern and threat to neighboring countries, or to international navigation, and it will only be safe and stable with its federal republican system, connected to its identity that is rooted in history, and with its Arab extension, its people seek peace, harmony and coexistence in equality and citizenship.

And the determination of the heroes and their steadfastness on the fronts splendorIt will culminate in a resounding victory over that misguided, transgressive, aggressor group, represented by the Iranian Houthi militia, which thought that the Yemeni people would succumb to it and its malicious schemes. Their homeland and their republic are in a pivotal battle that does not differ from other decisive battles experienced by nations, past and present.

This gang lives its fear of this mighty people, because it knows that the people’s uprising will only be a roaring hurricane that will uproot it and all its evils, ideas and poisons, and why not!? Circumstances have been created for him, and the factors and reasons are available, because that satanic militia only wants for him destruction, ignorance, killing, backwardness, poverty, disease and all pests, bearing in mind that the biggest scourge is this militia, which has become a threat not to Yemenis and Arabs, but to all humanity and Iran. And all the terrorist groups that revolve in the orbit of this malicious Persian project.

There is no place for the dynastic Houthis, nor for the dreams and ambitions of Persia and the ambitions of Wilayat al-Faqih in our country and its strategic location, as long as our armed forces, our resistance and our tribes make those victories, and as long as the martyrs water the soil of this land with their pure blood, and here they are the heroes in their lofty steadfastness, seeking a dignified and undiminished life, no There are masters and no slaves, but all are equal before the system, the constitution, and the law.

More steadfastness and cohesion, O great heroes in every field and barricade, more victories for which the people of all governorates rejoice. Victory, whether in Ma’rib, Taiz, Hodeidah or Al Dhale’, is a victory for Sana’a, Saada, Mahra and Socotra. Attempts after attempts to split your ranks, which come from the gang, confirming its lineage and realizing its imamity, but your response was frank, that the Yemeni broke out of the cord and became more aware and aware than being deceived by allegations, illusions and lies.

Dear heroes, we see in you nothing but victory and hope, and reaping the fruits of your patience and struggle will be near. Live that moment always and forever. Live it while you shoot your bullets into the enemy’s chest. Take inspiration from the revolutions that liberated your great fathers and grandfathers. And here you are in a few days, commemorating the 54th anniversary of the Evacuation Day. Corresponding to November 30, 1967, when the freedom fighters at that time forced the most powerful empire to take its stick and leave our country, never to return. Its departure at that time constituted a victory for every inch of our Yemeni land, and a lesson for generations to learn that the people are the victor, and that the people of the land and the right are the victors. .

September 26 opening

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