Death mourns the family of the reformist leader Muhammad Qahtan, who has been hidden by the Houthis for 7 years


The family of the Yemeni politician, Muhammad Qahtan, mourned his mother, who died without seeing him for seven years.

Zaid, the son of the politician and leader of the Islah party, Muhammad Qahtan, wrote on his personal account on Facebook: “My father… my grandmother died, neither she nor we could hear your voice.”

Muhammad Qahtan was arrested from his home in Sana’a on April 15, 2015 by the Houthi militia, and was completely hidden from view, and his family has not been able to date to know where he is being held, and to ensure that he is alive.

In addition to Qahtan, the brother of President Hadi, the former Defense Minister Mahmoud Al-Subaihi, and the military commander, Faisal Rajab, are languishing, and the United Nations has demanded their release, while the militias reject all appeals.

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