Decisive mediation to resolve the diplomatic crisis between the Gulf states and Lebanon


Lebanese Interior Minister Bassam al-Mawlawi revealed the details of the Lebanese government’s request for mediation by the United States to resolve the crisis with Saudi Arabia, and pledged that his country would comply with all requests set by Riyadh on Friday; According to what was reported by Al-Hurra channel.

Mawlawi said in an interview with the “Lebanese Scene” program, which will be broadcast in full, on Monday, on the same channel, that the Lebanese government submitted a request for mediation to the American side in order to settle the situation with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states.

Mawlawi added, “During the presence of the US Chargé d’Affairs for today’s ministerial crisis cell meeting in Beirut, the US official listened to what the Lebanese side requested from him within the framework of this mediation.”

The Lebanese minister revealed that the Lebanese government asked the American side to “open a dialogue with Saudi Arabia in all fields, including the outstanding issues and Saudi requests.”

Commenting on the possibility of the government’s resignation, Mawlawi said that this matter is out of the question, adding that “Prime Minister Najib Mikati does not find that the solution is the resignation of the government, but rather the government’s continuation of shouldering its responsibilities.”

Mawlawi pointed out that “the Lebanese side is ready to fulfill the Saudi demands, especially in the aspect related to its ministry in terms of controlling drug and Captagon smuggling.”

He stressed that the Lebanese government will work to “guarantee the security and stability of the Kingdom, and that no threat to the regime in the Kingdom emerges from Lebanon.”

On Saturday evening, the UAE announced the withdrawal of its diplomats from Lebanon, and the ban on its citizens from traveling to this country, in “solidarity” with Saudi Arabia, against the background of Qardahi’s statements.

Bahrain decided to do the same, then Kuwait joined them on Saturday, before the UAE decided to withdraw its diplomats.

Yesterday, Friday, Saudi Arabia summoned its ambassador to Beirut and asked the Lebanese ambassador to leave Riyadh, and decided to stop all Lebanese imports to it because of the statements of Minister of Information George Kordahi.

In a television interview that he says was conducted before he took over the media portfolio in the Lebanese government last September, Qardahi said that the Houthis were “defending themselves… in the face of external aggression” from Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

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