Decorated, tribal and Hashemi


The fisherman of the son of a village servant rode a taxi to travel to Sanaa in subjugation, after he had obtained a scholarship among the first in his governorate. The sheikh took advantage of his influence not to learn a fisherman, reasoning that: “If you know the son of a village servant, it is for whom and with whom the sheikh lives.” To get a fisherman out of his frustration, Abu Sayyad interceded with the sheikh to allow a fisherman to go to Sana’a to learn how to play the lute and hit the crane; Because there is no one to work on them in the area, so the sheikh quickly agreed.

A fisherman remained silent throughout the journey, a tear of oppression falling from time to time on his cheeks. He kept contemplating the mountains and farms, thinking how he would deceive the idea of ​​learning to play the lute.. The same thing happened:

Will I go back as a lute player and bowl hitter, who would insult me ​​and belittle me as they do with my father?

– No, by God, what is this?

I need an idea so that I can get rid of them and not go back to the country.

Exile.. Yes, estrangement, and nothing else.

– But how exile and where?

– Mabla is… a stranger in the countries of the infidels, because they can’t even meet me..

So, I must learn English in order to find a way out.

A fisherman convinced his father that the expenses of studying playing the lute and learning to play the harpsichord would cost a large sum, and it did not matter to his father, because the sheikh would take care of the payment. English, and one third is saved for the travel expenses that he intends..

A fisherman studied English until he mastered it. One of his teachers was impressed by his intelligence and diligence. One day, during his training in English speaking, he told his teacher his story with all boldness. The professor became more and more impressed with him, so he decided to help him, and told him that there is an American university that offers an integrated scholarship and that he does not He lacked some of its conditions, the professor wrote to the university, and after a month a team from the university called and conducted a phone interview with a fisherman and he was accepted, then he went to complete the travel procedures at the American embassy, ​​and he was given a promise of the visa within twenty days..

A fisherman took advantage of that period to return to his village to check on his parents and farewell with his dear friends Uzzi Ibn al-Sheikh and Hashem Ibn al-Sayyid. The Jinn, whose names were written on it in a large font, grow dark and mourn, and the rock protects them from the wind.

Hunter: My dear, Hashem, I decided to go abroad, but do not talk to anyone, but I came to bid you farewell.

Hashem: And your country and your country will escape..

Hunter: What homeland, the homeland is a big illusion, and patriotism is the biggest lie that we have been enslaved by..until the homeland has become a fetish and its guardianship is the country’s greatness and we offer sacrifices to them, not to him..

Izzy: Ok, your family, your people, and us..

Hunter: I’m going to sit down for something. When you fall, the sheikh, come back to your servant – he embraces my honor and laughs – I want to feel that I am a human being in a country that knows no other than my humanity, so they do not detract from it..

Uzzi: Nor do we detract from you, men.

A fisherman interrupts him: We are friends anyway, and in order to remain companions, I must not travel, because society and its considerations are stronger than our friendship.

Hashem: Do not feel inferior, fisherman. My father once told me: He who feels inferior remains deficient.

Hunter: I feel inferior and dissatisfied with this deficiency that you made for me.

Hashem and Izzi were surprised: What is the problem with us?

Hunter: The false blow that you blow yourselves with and put yourself above what my Lord created. A day will come upon you when you may be able to fill the void around you, but you will not be able to fill the void inside you because of your false blow, which is the simplest thing that can open it.

Their evening ended and each one went to his house, and a hunter entered the house and found his father waiting for him.

Abu Sayyad: The Sheikh said he misses you when you hear him playing the lute that you learned..

Hunter: And is there anything with him a stick?

Abu Sayyad was surprised: No.

Fisherman: Where should I play the lute for him? He will get money. I will go and buy an oud and a bowl, and we will come back to play for him.

Abu Sayyad: Now I walk for him at night. Why do you move in the morning and buy the lute and the bowl?

In the morning a fisherman and his father stood on the road waiting for the taxi. Uzzi and Hashem came and hugged a fisherman warmly. Abu Sayyad follows them in amazement and says: Why don’t you make peace like this, it’s all a week and he came back to forget me, I Fadala..

A fisherman hugged his father warmly and cried. His father was surprised, not knowing that he was bidding him farewell. He will travel for a long time, not knowing whether he will see him again or not?! ..

A fisherman got into the taxi, turning to his father and waving to him with one hand and the other wiping away tears.. As soon as he arrived in Sana’a, his teacher greeted him with his passport and visa ready, he exchanged the rest of the money with him for dollars and flew at night to America..

He arrived in America, landed in New York City, where he lived and studied pure economics and took a bachelor’s degree from its university, then the university nominated him for a master’s and doctorate, and during his master’s studies he started working, as one of the financial companies attracted him to work for it as a financial advisor on Wall Street.. Start Then he earns a lot of money.

A fisherman made the first contact with his father, his father was very happy because he was still alive, as the speculation of his death did not distance them from them except the assurances of Hashem and Izzi that he told them of his intention to expatriate. He will buy him a house in Sanaa to live in.

Abu Sayyad went out and told everyone the news. He was proud of his son, Sayyad, that he said he would build him a house in Sana’a. He was proud of his son and himself, talking about him with pride. The Sheikh called him: Nahi Nahi, Salih Al-Buri has made myself a harp for Bury Muada’ah.

Abu Sayyad: I’m not empty, let me go with me for a ride..

Sheikh: Ahhhhhhh..what is it..we lived and healed and he hits palm on palm..

At night, the Sheikh goes to Abu Hashem and tells him the news.

Abu Hashem: Get out of our hands. What are you doing? Each one serves himself.

Sheikh: And how?

Abu Hashem: We only have to let our children go abroad and work for us as a fisherman did with his father, we are not less than him..

Parents and children begin a journey searching for a way to travel to America, and they find one of the expatriates in America from the sons of neighboring villages, two of his children of the same age died, and he agreed to bring them to America as his children, in return for a sum of money..

Izzy and Hashem traveled and they landed in New York City, and they worked hard and struggled until their efforts paid off by providing good capital, then they opened their own projects, each of them opened a shop, but they are next to each other.. Days pass and a fisherman learns about them, he goes to visit them, and he reaches them He wears a luxurious suit and an elegant tie, traces of comfort and richness appear on his face.. He was greeted with warmth and welcome. Azi received him in his meat shop, then Hashem received him in his grocery store where he sells wine.

Then a fisherman laughs and giggles, then says: I found myself where you lost yourselves, and the days came out of you, the liars blew you away, so it is no longer a shame for you that the Kabyle becomes a butcher and the Hashemite is a muffler…

– welcome..

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